Renowned broadcaster turns to Rensair to alleviate asthma

März 9, 2022 – <1 Min

Boni Sones OBE, the renowned journalist, documentary maker, producer and writer, has suffered from asthma since childhood. After years seeking an air purifier to alleviate her condition, she recently acquired a Rensair unit and it has transformed her life.

Keen to share her experience with other asthma sufferers, Boni has written a testimonial to spread the word:

“For the past three months, I have been a regular night-time user of the Rensair air purifying unit.

I have been an asthmatic since childhood and do take inhalers regularly during the summer months, when my condition always worsens. Living alone and often suffering from disturbed sleep, I used to resort to steam inhalations to clear my blocked nasal passages.

Following use of the Rensair I now find that my sleep is less interrupted and on average I am sleeping two hours more a night before waking up. This has been beneficial to my daytime lifestyle.

I also find that, given how severe and serious my night-time asthma attacks can be, your Rensair is more than an appliance. My mother died from an asthma attack.  It gives me a friend to reach out to when I have an attack and need support as it immediately improves the air quality that surrounds me and abates my worst fears.

Please do let other asthma sufferers know.“

Who is Boni Somes OBE?

After a successful career in journalism, Boni established a reputation for podcasting. In 2007 she set up one of the first online podcast channels specialising in broadcasting interviews with women MPs and she went on to win many accolades. 

In 2008 she was voted ‘One of the most influential women in Britain‘ by Public Policy Magazine. In 2009 she was awarded an OBE for ‘Services to Broadcasting and PR‘ and in 2015 her team won an Honourable Mention in the International Association of Women in Radio and TV (IAWRT) awards.

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